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Private Label watches from UHR

Watches from UHR is your powerful partner when it comes to Private Label watches, promotional watches and watches with your own Logo or brand name. In our Private Label Area you have the choice of several hundred wristwatches in a variety of price ranges. The spectrum ranges from favourably priced promotional watches with quartz movements up to the most elegant of high quality and intricate mechanical watches. Whether it's 3-handed watches, chronographs, gold watches, ladies' or men's watches, we are specialists in the production of promotional watches with a unique price-performance ratio for your enterprise.

You have complete freedom of choice as to the components that go to make up your watches! Just as with a box of building blocks, you can combine a variety of cases, dials, hands and movements. The same goes for the wristbands and also the large range of optional packaging colours and materials. We are also able to offer you the option of having the designation of origin placed on the watches, such as "Made in Germany“ and "Swiss Made".

Privat Label watches from UHR. We’ve got the right watch for everyone!

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